Racing Greyhounds Magazine published a 2 part feature articles on The Racing Consultant. But, only after writer Tommy Thomas (a top writer for RGM at the time) tracked Marcel every day & night for 3 months! Marcel still has both original magazines as well as a 2 inch thick book of all the bets, race results as well as copies of every winning ticket for 90 days in a row while playing under the microscope of Racing Greyhounds Magazine showing $158,000 in profit in only 90 consecutive days.

Racing Greyhound Magazine part 1
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Feature article part 1 of 2

Volume 8, number 1 January 1995

Meet Marcel, the man who plays dogs for a living.

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Racing Greyhound Magazine part 2
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Feature article part 2 of 2

Volume 8, number 2 February 1995

Meet Marcel, last month we met professional handicapper Marcel, this month learn about his handicapping lessons.



$1,000,000 AWARD!!!

As a result of many non believers claiming that my articles are fake or no articles were ever written about me at all, I am offering a $1 million dollar cash award to anyone anywhere who can prove the above articles written by Tommy Thomas (a writer who wrote for Racing Greyhounds Magazine at the time) and published by Racing Greyhounds Magazine in January and February of 1995 were never written or are fakes! This should put to rest ANY question or doubt that these articles are the real Mccoy! I am told that copies of the original 2 magazines are also in the Las Vegas Library in the gambling section displayed in a glass case and may be viewed when you're in Vegas. I still have several originals of each issue sinse I purchased many originals at the time. So, players should have complete confidence and are invited to see the originals in person since I always have them in hand if they are ever at one of my seminars.

The Racing Consultant,

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