Bet Generator

The "Bet Generator" is an exclusive betting tool available with the WOFS Speed Method. It's not a handicapping tool. It's a tool that was created to generate your bets in seconds and save time while insuring all combinations are covered.

Here's a wager generated with the "Bet Generator:

How to use the "Bet Generator"

As you can see above, the bet generator will generate the bet for you. All you have to do is print it from your computer screen. What you can't see is the "acutal bet structure" generated in less than a second. There are MANY trifecta and superfecta bets generated using the Bet Generator.

Since we have 3 types of winning dog that we call "STARDOGS" we have 3 types of wager for each bet made. In the above wager, if you had found a YELLOW STARDOG then your wager would have been $30. The principle is that, if we are 95% sure a dog will win, we are wagering more money since we want to hit the race many times.

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