How it works

For the players in the United States I offer 4 different professional training programs. But, to those players who play overseas, I have a new professional training program called the WOFS Speed Method Home Study Course.

The Home Study Course is everything you need to learn to play on a pro level and make money playing greyhound racing. Once you order my Home Study Course we ship it to you within 24 hours. Depending on your country we find that most of our International players get theirs within 5 to 14 days.

Races you will be wagering on

With my WOFS Speed Method Home Study Course you will be wagering on races run in the United States only! To learn more about why this is a MUST be sure to read our section on "Racing Programs" and you'll understand.

Why wager on USA races only?

The reason is very simple. All greyhound racing programs around the world from Australia, New Zealand to Hong Kong have one thing in common... They do not contain the "critical information" necessary to handicap a greyhound race professionally. Racing forms in the USA are very different. They list all the necessary information to make a well inform decision on a race. Click to see the difference between International racing forms and USA racing forms.

How do I place a bet on USA races from my country?

It's very simple, you will be wagering online using an online wagering service such as link2bet.com or any other similar services offering wagering on USA greyhound races. Online wagering services are extremely safe and convenient. You can make money from the comfort of your home while spending time with your family or doing other activities that don't require you to leave your home. You don't have to stay in front of your computer... Just place your wagers and you are free to watch the races or leave the house and do something else. When you return you can watch video replays and collect your winnings!

What about time difference?

Wagering services are aware of the time difference. Link2bet.com opens for betting at 7:00am UK time. As soon as they open for betting, you can place all your bets for the entire day. Using the WOFS Speed Method is perfect for you, since WOFS doesn't require odds or anything else than the race program. So, you can have all your bets made in advance and do something else.

I don't want to "live" in front of my computer!

Then my WOFS Speed Method is perfect for you!

With WOFS you don't rely on odds at the track. We know what to play and we certainly don't need to know who other players are betting. WOFS allows you to place your bets and spend time with the family or do other activities. You don't have to stay in front of your computer... Just place your wagers and watch those race in real time or afterwards. So, you are free to leave your house, play some golf, take the kids to the movies or the wife out to dinner.

Why we don't use "odds" to make our wagers

Most players that wager on greyhounds are "losing" money. They are not profitable and play without any proper education. The odds of each race are dictated by those players making their bets. So, why would you want to base your wager on "odds" from gamblers who are consistently losing money? When you use these odds, you are using the selections of losers to make your choices and this is a very poor method of play. I know how to bet and I certainly don't need input from losers that don't know what they are doing. Do you???

Type of bet I will be making

I teach my players to wager on:

  .Known outside the USA as:


  • Trio
  • Triactor
  • Tricast
  • Treble Forecast
  • First4
  • First Four

Trifectas and Superfectas are the pool that are the most profitable. We do not play to win, place and show. We also do not play quinielas and perfectas either. There's no profit in those pools.

I don't want to wager on United States race!

That's fine! But, ask yourself, what's more important... Playing local races and losing your shirt! Or, making profit period? If you want to see the kind of profit my students overseas are making just visit my testimonial section. We have many International players who simply did not realize there was a difference in playing in the US or at their home tracks. Today our International players would never go back to gambling blind which is what they were doing before learning WOFS! Just try to get them to change today... It won't happen!

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