Indisputable & undeniable proof!

The Racing Consultant (TRC) is the only player in the world with indisputable proof that cannot be denied unless you ignore your own eyes! This is why players around the country and overseas respect him for the past 30 years.

Tracked by Racing Greyhounds Magazine for 3 consecutive months TRC made $158,000 while under a magnifying glass of writer Tommy Thomas. Do you know any other professional ground player who ever made anywhere close to that in 90 days? See what TRC using WOFS can do! If that wasn't enough, he'll show you that his WOFS Speed Method can handicap even the most difficult races like the Night of Stars. These are the very best and fastest greyhounds in the country. TRC shows you how he made $9,466 with only a $108 wager as well as $17,816 with a $1,180 bet hitting a PICK-6!

$158K in 3 months!
$13,269 in 3 days
Twin-Tri & Tri-Super hits
Trifecta & Superfecta hits
Night of Stars hits


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