Below are 3 more result charts that our New Zealand husband and wife team has sent us. They purchased my WOFS Home Study Course [HSC] and in just 17 days of play they generated a NET PROFIT of $12,998.90!!

In reviewing their player result charts you will notice that we always block out the track name and race # on these charts. This makes it impossible for anyone to attempt to reverse engineer my WOFS Speed Method.

Amazingly as well as they did they could have hit for an additional $3,667 in just one of these races. But, they lost a photo finish by a nose! If this photo had gone in their favor they would have added another superfecta to their chart and won a total of $16,665 for this same 17 consecutive day period!

Ask yourself if Ben and Fran feel that their investment of $2,700 was worth it when in their first 17 days of play they made a net profit of $12,998 and it could have easily been $16,665 which if you do the math is $1,000 per day!

In the US I charge $25,000 for a NeTTwork partnership greyhound track which is 1 of 4 Pro Programs. My least expensive training program is my WOFS Home Study Course at $2,700 and for the "serious greyhound handicapper/punter it's the best money the will ever spend in their life!

I make over a million a year playing greyhounds and this is well documented. So, $2,700 won't change my life at all. I only sell an average of 1 HSC every 2 months or an average of 6 HSC's per year. But, as I tell all of my WOFS Home Study Course players in the USA and overseas, it will change their life for the better and for many many years to come.

Be skeptical and keep losing! Or, be smart and start winning!

It's up to you isn't it?


Chart #1:

Chart #2 :

Chart #3 :

That's a $12,998.90 net profit in 17 days!!!

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