Meet Ben & Fran from New Zealand trained by, The Racing Consultant

Ben and Fran are just one of many overseas players who contacted TRC long before they finally decided to purchase their WOFS Speed Method Home Study Course.

Most overseas players who are accustomed to using overseas racing forms simply don't realize that these racing forms lack the critical data necessary to use the only proven greyhound method in the world.

That's why more and more overseas players are using WOFS online in the USA. They find it much MUCH easier to use and for the first time in their lives they are profitable! Many of our overseas players are full time players today.

No more bookies! No more guesswork! No more frustrating racing forms where critical data is virtually nonexistent! No more fighting traffic to get to your local race track. But most of all, no more losing! Those days are over!

Below you will find a chart belonging to one of our new husband and wife teams from New Zealand. They purchased our Home Study Course [HSC] and in 60 races of play they generated a NET profit of $4,214 (USD)

Their chart below shows they won $3,614 in just 5 days of play using WOFS!



Their balance of $600.00 is from previous chart making a net profit of $4,214 in 60 races played.
That's a $3,614.00 net profit in 5 days shown on this chart!

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