Testing the WOFS Speed Method

Check race results from any track and state around the United States and you will find that 7 of 10 races or more are won by the 1st & 2nd dogs to reach the 1/8th call. WOFS works consistently, it's unbelievable and amazing!

Did you just find the holy grail learning about my loop hole discovery?

Don't be silly, of course you didn't and if you think you can now use this new info to make money you're wrong! If it was that easy I wouldn't tell you a thing would I? There's a big difference knowing one of the 1st & 2nd dogs to the 1/8th call should win 70% of the time or more and being able to select the right 1 or 2 dogs to the 1/8th call. Then there's an ever bigger problem and that's betting! Unless you know my expert betting techniques and have private password access to my patented Bet Generator you'll miss hitting tri & supers even when you have a winner now and then. The only way to make a consistent profit in this business is to learn how to play greyhounds on a pro level. But, go ahead and test WOFS for yourself and see how many times the race is won by the 1st or 2nd dogs to the 1/8th call.

How to read the race results program

How to calculate the percentage (%)

Add how many time the winner of the race was (1st or 2nd) at the 1/8th call then divide that number by the number of races on the card then multiply by 100. Or just look at the charts below:

Count how many dogs won from 1st or 2nd position at 1/8 call using a:
12 race program 13 race program 14 race program 15 race program
08 of 12 = 66%
09 of 12 = 75%
10 of 12 = 83%
11 of 12 = 92%
09 of 13 = 69%
10 of 13 = 77%
11 of 13 = 85%
12 of 13 = 92%
10 of 14 = 71%
11 of 14 = 79%
12 of 14 = 86%
13 of 14 = 93%
11 of 15 = 73%
12 of 15 = 80%
13 of 15 = 87%
14 of 15 = 93%

Here are a few example of race results

Here are a few example of race results that will show you how to test WOFS:

Example #1
Example #2
Example #3
Example #4
Example #5

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