The WOFS Speed Method...

The only proven handicapping method in the world!

Who's Out First & Second to reach the 1/8th call

Sounds like a dog barking but WOFS takes a big bite out of tri & super pools! WOFS is not a system, a program, a silly slide rule or doggie calculator! WOFS is a very real and amazing "spot play handicapping method" which takes total advantage of a "loop hole" in greyhound racing. This loop hole gives a WOFS trained player a 70% plus win ratio advantage using the 1st & 2nd dogs to reach the 1/8th call since these 2 dogs win 70% plus of all the race tracks in the country. This win ratio is not picking combinations. The ratio is strictly a win ratio meaning for every 10 races a WOFS player plays, they win 7 of them! Bets are always made with a STARDOG on top playing strictly multiple trifectas and superfectas. However, once the WOFSDOGS are located you may only play a race when 1 of these 2 dogs meet each of my 10, 9 or 6 criteria for a STARDOGS depending on what caliber of Stardog you have located and are ready to play. Only then is a race worth playing. All other races that do not meet Stardog criteria are passed!

Indisputable undeniable proof...

TRC is the only player in the world with indisputable proof that cannot be denied unless you ignore your own eyes! This is why players around the country and overseas respect him so much.

Tracked by Racing Greyhounds Magazine for 3 months! TRC made $158K while under a magnifying glass of writer Tommy Thomas. Do you know anyone else who ever did anything close to that kind of profit in such a short period of time?

WOFS averages 1 play out of 12 races. A seasoned WOFS player can handicap 4 programs (60 races) in 45 to 60 minutes. As they say, time is money but, WOFS does not sacrifice results for handicapping speed. Also, where every other gimmick or system ignores or drops the ball on betting and when they do it's more "trying to make sense out of nonsense" again! WOFS picks up the ball, runs with it and scores big! WOFS uses expert split mini & micro betting techniques to hit trifecta, superfecta, Twin-Tri & Tri-Super jackpots consistently at every track in the country. Using WOFS is like trying to solve a puzzle. It doesn't take a genius to gamble and lose money. Anyone can do that and most people do. With WOFS there are many different aspects to handicapping that have to be done properly so you can solve the puzzle and find the winner of the race and it's easy! WOFS is a spot play method and although you can sometimes find 1 or 2 WOFSDOGS in a race, you can only find a STARDOG an average of 1 out of 12 races. But now, you might be wondering how reliable are the 1st & 2nd dog to the 1/8th call... Well, you can check those stats out for yourself at our website.

Reliability of the 1/8th call...

Don't try this at home! Trying to take advantage of the 1st & 2nd dogs to the 1/8th call and not knowing which 2 dogs out of the 8 will be 1st & 2nd doesn't work! You need to know WOFS and my expert betting techniques or you will lose your money for sure! Contact me, it's cheaper!

Here are stats on winners of the 1st & 2nd dogs to reach the 1/8 call.

statistics done
03-23a to 04-01a
06-13e to 06-23a
Bluffs Run
06-01e to 06-17e
Corpus Christi
04-25e to 04-29a
04-25a to 04-30a
Daytona Beach
04-24e to 04-28e
04-24e to 04-29a
04-21a to 04-28e
06-19e to 06-26e
Geneva Lakes
04-21e to 04-28e
06-14e to 06-22e
04-26a to 04-30e
statistics done
06-11e to 06-21e
04-24e to 04-30e
Lincoln Park
06-20a to 06-27a
Mile High
06-18a to 06-26e
06-13e to 06-24a
06-09e to 06-23e
Palm Beach
06-14a to 06-22e
06-11e to 06-22e
06-20a to 06-27a
St. Croix
06-10a to 06-24a
06-13e to 06-22e
03-19a to 03-31e

What is a Stardog?

TRC trains his players to play Stardogs only using WOFS. There are 5 types of Stardogs Red, Green & Yellow. A Stardog is the name given to one of 2 WOFS dogs who also meets a 10 criteria process for a Red Star, 9 criteria for a Green Star and 6 criteria for a Yellow Star. It's unique to the WOFS Speed Method only and not an industry standard.

.......... Red Stardog is our best bet
Green Stardog is a solid bet
.......... Yellow Stardog is a longshot
.......... Yellow Stardog is a longshot
.......... Yellow Stardog is a longshot

Do you know when to pass a race?

Marcel will show you how to pass on a race and when to play. One of the most important aspects in greyhound racing is not only how to handicap on an expert level, find winners and to set up your bet, but to know when to pass a race. There are always more races tomorrow so why not play only those races that meet Stardog criteria and leave the more difficult races for everybody else! The WOFS Speed Method locates an average of 1 Stardog in every 10 to 12 races.

The advantages of using WOFS:

.......... Very easy to learn and works great at all tracks in the country or the world
.......... Does not use any complicated formulas or point awarding nonsense
.......... The only tools needed are 3 color pens (red-green-yellow) and a ruler
.......... Benefits from a "LOOP HOLE" TRC discovered in greyhound racing
.......... Handicap using today's program only (6 past performance lines)
.......... Helps narrow the search for your Stardog to the 2 WOFS dogs only!
.......... Does not use or require any knowledge of the odds once or ever
.......... Does not require downloading any further data to use WOFS
.......... Handicap 4 programs (50 to 60 races) in less than an hour
.......... Works best combined with split, mini & micro betting techniques
.......... STOP losing right away and make money your very first week
.......... Works fantastic with low investment and results in a huge ROI
.......... Spot play method (1 bet in 12) to be selective playing Stardogs only!
.......... Forces you to pass most races you would lose anyway so you save $$
.......... Works as well playing online from home as it does at the track
.......... Works as effectively on 5/16 & 3/8ths races (does not work at 7/16)
.......... Enjoys the highest win ratio (70% +) of any system or method
.......... Takes additional advantage of accidents in a greyhound race
.......... Uses betting techniques for profit no matter the payout
.......... Make real money consistently instead of just gambling and losing
.......... Use WOFS chart as well as betting slips to keep you organized
.......... Used primarily for the big money plays (trifectas or superfectas)
.......... Play only trifecta & superfecta pools [click here & compare pools]

WOFS does not involve:

.......... Downloading old and useless information from the Internet
.......... Keeping a database of meaningless stats & information
.......... Typing data in computers which becomes old after entered
.......... Printing reports, statistics or charts
.......... The use of a computer, handicapping books & tip sheets for handicapping races
.......... Taking endless hours handicapping a race or program
.......... Awarding points for handicapping and formulas that don't work
.......... Watching replays over and over again which is a waste of time
.......... Using odds or reviewing old notes that have little to do with today's race

WOFS consistency:

The WOFS Speed Method is based on the strongest proven evidence in greyhound racing. The fact is the first 2 dogs to reach the 1/8th call win 70% plus of all races at all tracks in the country. To verify and test these facts for your self [click here]

WOFS gives you the kind of control you never even thought possible! It's very important to correctly select the 2 dogs to be 1st or 2nd to the 1/8th call (WOFSDOGS) but learning WOFS alone is not enough. My WOFS Speed Method allows you to identify these dogs and locating them is only the beginning of the entire process. Without the rest of my Stardog criteria, the coding & betting techniques locating the WOFSDOGS alone is not enough. In fact, learning how to locate the WOFSDOGS and be very accurate most of the time is an art in itself. That's why I have no problem sharing this fact with you.

WOFS simplicity:

WOFS is so easy to learn that you'll have time left to relax and enjoy life. Using WOFS you don't need to spend hours and hours handicapping, using silly software programs that don't work, downloading data that's useless as soon as you enter it, or use Ouija boards that are only slightly better than most of those systems & gimmicks on the market today. WOFS works is so fast, it's so easy and productive that you can even play from home in your pajamas. This way you have time for the important things that really matter like spending time with your spouse, children & family to enjoy the most precious things in life. I train serious players to learn to play greyhounds on a pro level. My WOFS Speed Method is so easy to learn that anyone who is serious about making real money in greyhound racing can learn my methods & techniques in 3 days. They stop losing right away! Then they start making money from the first visit to the track, or many play from the comfort of their home using secured online wagering sites and even watching the races online.


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